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Brandel Marine is the go-to Manning and Crewing company when in Ghana for services in oil rigs,offshore & on-shore, ship chandelling, ship equipment and oil plat form maintenance. The company is   based in Accra. Accra is the capital of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Ghana’s Jubilee oilfield which contains up to 3 billion barrels (480,000,000 m3) of sweet crude oil was discovered in 2007, among the many other oilfields in Ghana.Oil and Gas Exploration  in Ghana is ongoing, and the amount of both crude oil and natural gas continues to increase.

The vision of Brandel Marine is Improving the nature of recruiting and placment.

Our legacy is to challenge the status quo, and much of our success has been and is linked to finding new ways to improve technology and business models in shipping.

Fast development with professional services made us one of the most popular companies within crewing field and among seafarers.


Our Services

Cruise Line Ships and Container

Bulk Ship

Transport & Airport Assistance

Hotel Accommodation To Our Clients

The Success of our Maritime Industry rest on the shoulders of competent crew.

Ship Chandelling

We  provide ship chandling services.We are a one-stop destination for all kinds of Ship Chandling requirements. Ranging from general ship goods n spare parts as well as food stuffs. Our Ship Chandlers Supplies are of premium quality and competitively priced. 


From offshore to on-shore


Spend your time on the right applicant.

We believe hiring to be the most important first step towards the organizations success. Finding and hiring the best qualified candidate for the job is what pushes your business forward

Client Services

Proactive and innovative in a challenging industry, Brandel Marine is a dedicated partner with global presence and highly professional, service-minded staff.

Career development

To have a plan is always important. It can make a difference both in operation and in safety matters.



The first-ever competitive bidding for the allocation of oil blocks to companies in the petroleum upstream sector was launched on October 5, 2018.

Ghana has the 66th-largest crude oil imports (24,200 barrels / day) in the world. The top 10 countries by oil imports are: European Union, China, United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Philippines, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Ghana currently produces 200,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd), led by its flagship Jubilee field which produces about 100,000 bpd.

Ghana has three Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels namely, FPSO Kwame Nkrumah, FPSO Atta Mills and FPSO John Kufuor. As part of the country’s local content law, the operators of these vessels have employed about 200 local workers.

We are international rated company providing a full range of crew services from recruitment of seafarers for offshore &on-shore activities,oil rigs,FPSO to administration and preparation of officers and ratings.


 The management and support of our global activities, as well as day-to-day activities within commercial management, are carried out from our office in Accra – Ghana at Madina, Behind University of Professional Studies- Accra.

Working hours

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